Wax Seal Wednesday Kit

Sale price$132.00

The perfect gift to start your own wax seal Wednesday Adventures!

This Wax Seal Wednesday Kit has everything you need to create your own wax seals:

- Semi-Custom Wax Stamper
- Pack of 6 Wax Sticks in your choice of colour
- Low Temp Wax Gun
- 50 Adhesive Tabs
- Canvas Bag
- Linen Keepsake Box
(Packaging may differ than in photo)

Kit includes a wax stamper stamper in your choice of size/shape!
Customize your stamper by adding your initials and selecting a design!
To see more details in your design, upgrade to 1.25" Round Stamper or choose a unique shape with a 1"x1.25" Oval Stamper!

Your Wax Seal Wednesday adventures are about to begin! 

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