Wax Seal Confetti Set

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Create your own Confetti Wax Seals!
It's a great way to add a special touch to your wax seal projects!
Add texture and colour with flower petals or shimmer with metallic flakes. Or mix them together to create amazing combinations!

Use Vellum or White wax for a modern look or try coloured wax for something more dramatic!

Each set comes with 3 jars of different confetti and a bamboo tweezer to add to your wax seal projects!


3 Jars in each set
Each jar holds approx. 2gm of material
Bamboo Tweezers are 5.9" long and biodegradable
Metallic set includes: Gold Flakes, Silver Flakes & Copper Flakes
Romantic set includes: Gold Flakes, Delphinium Petals, Hydrangea Petals 
Classic set includes: Gold Flakes, Rose Petals, Lavender Petals

Metallic flakes are made of metal composite and NOT food-safe and NOT edible.

Flower petals are locally grown, foraged or purchased and dried in small batches. Colours & sizes may vary.  Petals are NOT food-safe and NOT edible.

Sets do not include wax sticks or adhesive backings.

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