Sealing Wax Gun

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Our go-to tool for making wax seals! Easy, clean and efficient - the Artisiare Sealing wax Gun is ideal for making the perfect wax seal every time! This method is ideal for making multiple wax seals at a time and it's cleaner, faster and safer than the traditional wax beads or wick sticks because there is no open flame or hot spoon!

This sealing wax gun has a 0.44" chamber, and fits our Artisiare sealing wax sticks perfectly. The low temperature gets hot enough to melt sealing wax quickly, without overheating and potentially causing damage.

  • For use with our Sealing Wax Sticks (0.44" diameter").
  • Low-Temperature, to easily melt and protect sealing wax.
  • North American Plug (120V and 40 watts)
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