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Laurel Weath
Laurel Weath
Laurel Weath

Laurel Weath

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Delicate and classic Laurel Wreath, perfect for any occasion! 

1"x1" Round stamper with black wooden handle.

When creating your wax seal, please note that your final seal will be approximately .25" larger than the brass stamper. 

We work exclusively with Artisiare to create stunning high quality wax stamps made right here in Canada!

**Additional items such as wax sticks & wax gun will be added to your cart when selected.**

**This items is a Wax Stamper only. Pre-made wax seals are not included. Additional items such as wax sticks & wax gun will be added to your cart when selected.**

Delivery Time & Shipping

This item will be shipped out within 5 business days of order, unless it is ordered with a custom or semi-custom order. Due to global events & holiday shipping, your delivery may be delayed by a few days. Please order early and be patient and allow for extended shipping times. If you are ordering from outside of Canada, you may be responsible for additional taxes and fees upon delivery.

Terms of Use

This stamper is meant for personal use only and is not intended for resale or recreation. You may use the stamper for your clients or as part of your small business packaging but this stamper may NOT be resold or used to create & sell self-adhesive seals in your own store. This design and stamper is protected under copywriter law and any misuse of it is subject to penalties.