Adhesive Circles

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1" Professional Grade adhesive circles are perfect to add to your premade wax seals! You can premake your wax seals on our Mini Stamper Mat and add the adhesive tab on the pack for use later! This is a great way to test out your wax seal skills and use your favourite seals for your project! 
Pre-making wax seals is also a great way to make a bunch ahead of time so you can easily add wax seals to your packaging or envelopes when you need them!

Sold in packs of 50.

Product Details

The adhesive circles are 1" round and ideal for 1" or 1.25" seal designs. It has a yellowish tint and is not recommended for use with vellum wax. This is the Professional Grade adhesive and provides a better hold than stamping your wax seals directly on a surface. Recommend to use for most projects, and will remain on envelopes when mailed. 
Design on adhesives & backing liner may differ from photo

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